10 Dark and Edgy Gift Ideas
Sep 9, 2022

As spooky season is officially starting up, it seemed like a good time for a roundup of gift ideas with a dark and edgy sensibility. All the items on this list feature my more macabre or at least slightly spooky artwork and make perfect gifts for the goths on your shopping list or treat yourself to something special to help get into the Halloween spirit.

1. Little Dead Riding Hood Graphic Tee

I’m big fan of classic literature, and that, of course, includes fairy tales. Let’s be honest, most fairy tales are pretty dark and shall we say grim (grimm?) on their own, but throw in a skeleton, and things really take a turn for the spooky. That’s why my Little Dead Riding Hood graphic tee is a perfect choice for anyone who adores horror movies and all things frightening. It’s perfect for adding some creepy vibes to your fall wardrobe, though die-hard goths know that skeletons are year-round attire. This t-shirt features my illustration of the heroine of the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale. She has her familiar red cape and a pretty basket of flowers, but she’s got a bit less substance to her since she’s depicted as a bony white skeleton.

2. Skeleton Hands Shotglass

Need the perfect gift for your favorite goth couple? Fear not, my heart-shaped skeleton hands shotglass is perfect for celebrating creepy lovebirds. This custom shotglass has a pair of skeleton hands in a sweet heart shape and is ready to be personalized with the initials of the happy couple inside the heart and their wedding date (or other text) below. It’s makes a perfect anniversary gift or a fun wedding present for goth-themed nuptials. So raise a glass and toast your favorite creepy couple in style!

3. Ghosts and Tombstones Phone Case

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little bit cute, a little bit spooky and super practical, then have a look at this ghosts and tombstones phone case. They can keep their phone safe while showing off their spookier side. It’s a perfect choice for adding some Halloween style to cell phones, but it’s fun enough for year round use. This patterned phone case features illustrations of ghosts in ivory white interspersed with gray tombstones. This spooky crew is joined by some graveyard pals: crows, butterflies and inchworms. Dropping your phone can be scary, but this fun case makes it less so, unless, of course, you’re scared of ghosts.

4. Old School Tunes Mug

Need the perfect gift for someone who loves hot coffee, retro music and creepy gargoyles? Well, have I got the perfect mug for you! My Old School Tunes Mug features my illustration of a pensive demon gargoyle in gray chilling out as he listens to some music on a vintage Walkman. Perhaps this beast is a Stranger Things fan and he’s rocking out with some old school Kate Bush to keep the monsters away. Or maybe he’s listening to something a little harder. Megadeath? White Zombie? Whatever his musical tastes tend towards, this gargoyle coffee mug is sure to warm the stone cold heart of your favorite goth, especially when you pair it with some of their favorite coffee or tea, maybe even a fun seasonal pumpkin spice blend.

5. Pretty Witch Hat Water Bottle

Speaking of beverages, this water bottle is the perfect choice for modern day witches, because even witches need to stay hydrated. This pretty witch hat water bottle features an illustration of a witch’s hat in black and charcoal gray that’s adorned with some beautiful flowers in shades of pink. lavender and purple. You won’t need to cast any spells to turn this reusable metal water bottle into a personalized gift. Just add your own name or other text. Before you can say hocus, pocus you’ll see it in script writing beneath the graphic. Your favorite witch will love bringing this water bottle with her, as she sets off on her next broomstick flight.

6. Skeleton Barista Graphic Sweatshirt

Some days it feels like the daily grind is killing you. My skeleton barista graphic sweatshirt is the perfect choice for baristas who work themselves to the bone or coffee lovers who feel like death before they get their morning dose of caffeine. Celebrate their love of coffee and all things creepy with this fun graphic shirt. It features an illustration of a skeleton in a green barista’s apron pouring a mug of coffee. This graphic has a distressed style to give it a vintage and spooky look. It’s perfect for curling up with a horror novel and a mug of hot coffee on a crisp and cool autumn day.

le7. Candy For Brains Tote Bag

Need a gift for someone whose poison of choice is sweet, sugary candy? Then look no further than my Candy for Brains Tote Bag. This Halloween-themed design features an illustration of a headless skeleton with a pink plastic pumpkin head that’s overflowing with sugary candy. They say that candy rots your teeth and television rots your brain, but when your whole head is made out of candy then I’d say you really have nothing to worry about. Just have a bite of your favorite Halloween treat and relax. This cool graphic tote bag is perfect for bringing when you go out trick-or-treating to hold your own Halloween candy haul.

8. Personalized Flames Lunchbox

For more day to day transportation of food and treats, this lunchbox will come in handy. It’s metal in more ways than one with it’s rocking flames design against a black background. It’s ready to be personalized with a name in cool heavy metal style lettering. So, death metal rockers young and old can show off their badass selves whether it’s at the school cafeteria or the office break room with this personalized heavy metal flames lunchbox. Or they can use this sturdy metal latching lunchbox as a goth handbag or a carrying case for for art supplies or their own creepy collections.

9. Goth Hippie Throw Pillow

Let’s face it, some of us contain multitudes. If you’re looking for the perfect piece of home decor for someone who is a little bit goth and a little bit hippie, then take a look at my Goth Hippie Throw Pillow. It features an illustration of a crow in black and charcoal gray clutching a very flower power style peace sign in his beak in hot pink and electric lime green because when it comes right down to it pacifism is kind of badass. This modern style graphic throw pillow is perfect for adding a dark and edgy but ultimately hopeful touch to any space.

10. Haunted Library Personalized Blanket

Need a personalized gift for a book lover who prefers gothic novels and horror stories? They’ll love curling up with a good book beneath this haunted library personalized blanket. They’ll stay warm and cozy even on a dark and dreary day as they enjoy reading about ghosts, monsters and other spooky stuff. This blanket features a pattern of old books and fearsome bats surrounded by creepy vines. The graphics in dark teal are set against a lighter teal. At the top of this blanket is a spot to add the name of your favorite book lover.

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