A Crusty Challenge Opens: Spoonflower Design Challenge Recap
May 10, 2024

This week voting opened in Spoonflower’s new Crustacean Core design challenge, and winners were annouced from the previous challenge: Party Wall.

Congratulations to all the top finishers in the Party Wall design challenge, you all have cause to celebrate your fun and lively designs. Grace Andersson was the first place winner with her Party Wall design featuring some fun disco daners and a beautiful color palette. Here’s Grace’s winning design:

This week the party was happening under the sea or on the dinner table, depending on how artists interpreted the Crustacean Core design challenge, which was all about creating a fun pattern featuring crustaceans. I went through 19 pages of entries to cast my votes for this design challenge, so there were plenty of creators who were inspired by the nautical theme. From what I could see the overwhelming majority of the entries stayed on theme, and as usual there were a LOT of awesome crustacean-themed designs.

I decided to focus on lobsters since they’re so popular lately. I don’t eat lobsters (or any other animals) so I decided to go with a fun design of lobsters hanging out in the ocean with my cartoon illustrations of lobsters in bright colors in a slate blue sea:

The next two Spoonflower design challenges have now been announced. Next up we have a wallpaper design challenge that specifically focuses on Spoonflowers new metallic wallpapers. Submissions are due by May 21st for the Vintage Glamour Metallic Wallpaper design challenge which will be previewed on gold metallic wallpaper. Then you’ll have to get into a holiday frame of mind to create a design for the Cottagecore Halloween design challenge which has a June 4th deadline.

So happy creating and good luck to everyone in the challenges!

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