A Glamorous New Spoonflower Challenge
May 23, 2024

Today winners were announced for Spoonflower’s last challenge, Crustacean Core and voting opened for the newest challenge, Vintage Glamour Metallic. First up, congratulations to all the winners of the Crustacean Core challenge. Big congratulations to Abigail Bryan who was a first time, first place finisher with her gorgeous lobster design:

Switching gears, this week saw the opening of a new challenge, and this one was specifically designed to highlight Spoonflower’s new metallic wallpaper options, with designs previewed on gold metallic wallpaper. The theme for this design was Vintage Glamour Metallic Wallpaper.

When voting, I scrolled through 18 pages worth of entries, so slightly less than we’ve had in the past few challenges, but still a LOT of entries. I did notice while going through that a number of entries were removed/marked as private, which makes me suspect the system was being a bit more glitchy this week. I did notice when I went to upload my entry there was a new beta upload page. I had the option to revert to the classic upload page and did so, since Monday I just was not in the mood to try and figure out a new system. This old dog will wait until another time to learn some new tricks. I do wonder if this new upload page was to blame for the high number of allegedly “private” designs. Having been the victim of one such bug in the past, I feel for everyone who was affected by this new glitch.

As for the design I went with, I loved the idea of a metallic wallpaper challenge, and if you know me, then you know the word “vintage” makes me very happy indeed. I was a little more hung up on the word “glamour” despite it being the name of my childhood cat, I wasn’t quite sure how best to incorporate that into a wallpaper design. In the end I decided to think more about a time period where glamour was certainly a thing, and thus was born my Moody Mondrian design for this challenge:

While casting my votes I did see a number of other classic vintage geometric designs. A lot of entries went with an art deco look, which makes sense since this was certainly a glamorous age, and the designs of the time period reflect that. Another recurring theme/motif I saw with this challenge’s entries was an abundance of peacocks. They certainly are glamorous looking birds, so that totally fits. I did see a few other birds as well, that have an elegant sort of look. It was interesting to see how different designers chose to incorporate the gold into their design. (For those not aware, on the metallic wallpapers any area that is designed in white, becomes metallic on these papers.) All in all, it was a nice collection of designs, and I wish everyone the best of luck!

I’ll see you back here again in a couple of weeks when the Cottagecore Halloween challenge goes live.

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