Meet Alissa Carin

Alissa Carin is a surface pattern designer and illustrator based in New Jersey. Her artwork reflects her love of animals and her passion for all things vintage. She loves her boyfriend, nature, books and pizza in roughly that order.

About her Art

Alissa’s illustrations have a fun retro modern style and feature digital graphics with a hand-drawn look. Cute animals, literary themes and vintage vibes are some of the defining trademarks of her prints and repeating patterns. Bold repeats feature prominently in her Delfuneum brand while her graphic tee designs often display her quirky sense of humor.

More to explore

In addition to visual arts, Alissa exercises her creativity by writing fiction and is the author of ten novels. You can find out more about her books at her author website. Many of Alissa’s illustrations and patterns are available for licensing.


Alissa writes about her creative life and more in her free weekly substack Creativity and Contentment. She talks about art, books, reminisces about the good old days and occasionally rants about the things that get her goat.

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