Ahoy it’s a boy!
Aug 11, 2023

Ahoy! It’s a new baby shower collection in my Asterisk Designs Zazzle store, and it’s perfect for celebrating moms-to-be of baby boys. That’s because it features the cute slogan “Ahoy it’s a boy”, a blue and cream color scheme and lots of fun nautical motifs to make sure it’s all smooth sailing at your event.

So, what will you find in this baby boy shower collection? Well, pretty much everything you need to have a fun and successful celebration. It all starts with the invitations, of course. There’s some different styles to choose from. These Ahoy it’s a boy baby shower invitations are my favorite, but there’s also an all-in-one baby shower invite that includea a tear-off diaper raffle card.

Style is the name of the game with this baby shower collection which features a preppy, nautical look including plaid accents and a subtle color palette with soft shades of blue against a cream colored background. Simple hand-drawn nautical graphics like ship’s wheels, sailboats and anchors give this assortment of products a classic, timeless look. If you’re looking for a baby shower collection that doesn’t overdo it on the cuteness but has a more subtle style, then this one’s for you.

You can see this entire collection of baby shower products in my Ahoy It’s a Boy Nautical Baby Shower Collection on Zazzle. So, set sail on your next adventure today!

Speaking of diaper raffles, it’s all about making sure your guests have fun at your baby shower, and what would a baby shower be without lots of fun games? This collection includes ready made games that match your shower’s theme for a cohesive look. My favorite is the Baby Items A to Z shower game sheets because they remind me of the old game Scattergories that I used to spend hours playing with my sister and cousins. But you’ll find other game choices as well in this collection like baby bingo, guess the price and a true false game that will test your guests’ knowledge of baby facts and trivia. So grab these ready-made games and keep your guests entertained in style.

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