Are You in the Moooood for Cows?
May 13, 2024

Cow are you doing? I’m excited to announce my latest Zazzle collection. It was designed with cow lovers in mind. It features my cute illustration of a cow wearing a pretty yellow bow. My cow graphic is set against a turquoise blue background on a collection of cow-themed birthday party supplies, greeting cards and personalized gifts.

I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for cows which seem like gentle giants to me. There’s some cows down the road from us, and they always look quite content roaming in their yard and chewing on grass. They don’t have quite the fashion sense as my cow illustration with her pretty yellow bow headband, but these animals are so chill, I don’t think they would take offense to dressing themselves up in some cow-sized finery.

You can get started creating your own custom cow gifts and party supplies, when you visit this a-moo-sing new collection. Find my Cow with a Bow collection here. Thanks as always for stopping by, and I hope that you have a day that’s as chill and relaxed as the cows down the road from me are almost certainly having.

Growing up in the New Jersey suburbs I didn’t see too many cows unless we took a drive out to my aunt and uncle’s house in the country. Sussex County, NJ has lots of cows, Bergen County, not so much. That said, I did see quite a few cows when I went over to my best friend’s house. Their quarter acre lot didn’t allow for livestock, but that didn’t stop my friend’s mom from filling their home with all sort of cow figurines and knick knacks. She collected cows of all sorts.

If you know someone like my friend’s mom who is obsessed with cows, then you’ll want to check out this new collection. Throw the perfect cow-themed birthday party with custom invites and supplies or surprise your favorite cow lover with a personalized cow gift.

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