Christmas Is Looking Very Retro This Year
Aug 18, 2023

I have a deep passion for vintage stuff. For years, I ran a vintage store on Etsy, and loved gathering my wares at thrift stores, rummage sales and estate auctions. So, my love for all things vintage does show itself in my art from time to time. That’s certainly the case with the latest Christmas collection I created in my Zazzle store. My That 70s Christmas Collection features an assortment of Christmas greeting cards, decor apparel, personalized gifts, party supplies and more, all with a fun retro feel.

Of course, I only had to think back to my earliest Christmas memories to create the designs for this collection. Because a lot of cool things came from the seventies, including yours truly. The house I live in also dates from the 1970s and hasn’t entirely been updated, so let’s just say I didn’t have to go too far to take some product photos for this collection! I mean the patterned Contact Paper on a shelf in our basement was just begging to be turned into a backdrop for these retro style custom photos cards.

If you love the 70s style look, but don’t love plastering your photo all over everything, you can still get into the holiday spirit in retro style with a big assortment of holiday supplies that will help you celebrate in true retro style. You’ll find things like tissue paper, wrapping paper, tree skirts and Christmas stockings featuring my retro holiday patterns. They feature cool 1970s holiday colors of red, dark green, lime green, orange and pink. Like what you’l find in this vintage geometric pattern tissue paper.

We love to have some fun when taking photos for our annual Christmas card, and do some different themed cards. This year we were talking about maybe doing a ’70s themed cards, because like I said, we have the perfect house for it. Well, now with my new Zazzle collection we also have the perfect cards for showing off our vintage style Christmas picture. If you’re looking to do your own 70s style photo shoot for your holiday card, you’ll definitely want to check out all the card templates available in my new collection, which are perfect for giving a vintage feel to your Christmas greetings. Maybe, like me, you were born in the 70s and want to use a photo from Christmas past in your annual holiday greeting. Well, I think it would look just perfect on one of my 1970s themed photo card templates. But why stop there? You’ll also find ornaments, pillows and even Christmas gift tags that can be customized with your photo. Or keep the vintage magic going strong all year with a custom photo calendar that has a fun retro feel.

Fun 1970s style typography in coordinating colors decorates these designs and includes festive holiday slogans like NOEL, PEACE and JOY. So, you can spread cheer with coordinated gift wrapping supplies, home decor items and personalized gifts.

Plus you can spread cheer wherever you go with coordinating apparel like this JOY, JOY, JOY graphic tee. It pairs nicely with an assortment of patterned leggings, and is perfect for ugly sweater parties and other Christmas celebrations.

To check out all these vintage style designs take a look at the the That 70s Christmas collection on Zazzle today or watch this quick video below, and I wish you the very vintagest of Christmases!

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