Cottagecore Design Challenge Recap and More
Jun 11, 2024

I was away for a few days, and so have only just gotten around to taking a look at and voting on entries in Spoonflower’s Cottagecore Halloween design challenge, which opened on Thursday. Also on Thursday the winners were announced for the Vintage Glamour Metallic Wallpaper challenge. Congratulations to first time winner Chiara De David whose art deco New York City skyline design was truly stunning:

One issue with being in the business of creating surface pattern designs and other products is that you are always working out of season. It’s a little bit difficult to get into a Halloween frame of mind as the summer flowers are just starting to bloom, but that was what designers were tasked with doing to create an entry for the Cottagecore Halloween design challenge.

I don’t know about you, but I struggled to come up with a design that was both Halloween and also Cottagecore, and in the end settled on a design that had both Halloween vibes and Cottagecore vibes. Halloween because it featured pumpkins and cottagecore because it had a floral motif in pretty and not very Halloween looking colors:

I scrolled through 18 pages worth of entries for this design challenge, and I would say that a lot of designers took the same approach as I did creating a design that had some Halloween and some cottagecore vibes, but I did see a few outstanding designs that really did do a good job of capturing the spirit of Halloween with a Cottagecore aesthetic. So, nice work to those especially talented entries.

I see that while I was away Spoonflower also announced the themes for the next two design challenges, and both are what I would describe as pretty specific. First up is Hide and Seek Wallpaper with entries due by June 18th and then we have to get into the Christmas spirit during the summer heat for the Winter Holiday Patchwork design challenge with entries due by July 2nd. I’ll be honest, I’m not super excited about either of these challenges, but I’ll probably create entries because sometimes it’s good to push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Good luck to you in all the Spoonflower challenges!

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