Crowing About This New Zazzle Collection
May 29, 2023

My new Zazzle collection is for the birds, and the people who love them. Specifically it’s for anyone who loves crows. Sure, some people like to try and scare these birds away from their gardens and crops, but others love these big birds and their glossy black plummage. My Black Crows collection celebrates these often misunderstood flyers and features my realistic style illustrations of crows on assortment of custom products that make great gifts for anyone who loves what I think are the goths of the avian world.

Depicted in a moody palette of charcoal gray, steel gray and black these bird graphics are sure to appeal to anyone who prefers that their birds are not so chipper and colorful. They can lay out the welcome mat at their home with a personalized crow doormat.

I have to admit I love all the birds that I watch out my office window, when I need to take a break from staring at this computer screen, but some of my favorites are the big, goofy crows. They may not be as pretty and graceful as the smaller birds or even the soaring hawks that glide over the backyard, but there’s no denying the fact that crows are pretty cool birds. That’s why I had so much fun creating these illustrations and this collection of crow-themed gifts and party supplies. You can see all of these items and many more in my new Black Crows Collection on Zazzle. Thanks for stopping by, and if you get a chance don’t forget to take a mental health break and watch the birds outsideĀ  your own window.

And when they aren’t busy watching the neighborhood crows outside their window or hanging out with their cawing birds pals, they can spend their time piecing together a crow jigsaw puzzle that is ready to be personalized with your own custom text. It’s a perfect choice for someone who loves puzzles almost as much as they love birds.

Or perhaps your crow fanatic is a party animal. In which case, it might they’ll appreciated personalized party supplies featuring black crows including invites, paper plates and even crow patterned wrapping paper that’s perfect for wrapping up gifts for any occasion. Makes a perfect choice for goth style gifts or perhaps a book of poems by Edgar Allen Poe.

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