Curl Up with a Paperback Classic
Oct 17, 2022

Pretty much since I learned to read, I’ve loved books. (I’ve even written a few books.) These days, I must admit that I read most books in a digital format, but there’s nothing quite like the feel of a real book in one’s hands. There’s something special about opening up a brand new book, but I must admit I’ve also got a soft spot for old books. There’s something magical about used books stores or library book sales. If like me you’ve spent any time in these sorts of establishments, then you’ve likely come across some vintage paperback classics with their bare bones, but still stylistically appealing covers. They were my inspiration for a new collection now available in my Awkward Author Zazzle store.

With Zazzle’s templates, it’s super easy to create your own literary masterpiece to keep for yourself or to give to book loving friends as a gift. The hardest part of the whole process is picking which color cover will suit them best. You can choose from orange, bright blue, navy blue, yellow, bright red, maroon, purple, dark green, pink and light aqua blue. Of course, you’ll also have to pick a product. Tote bags, pillows, thermal tumblers, keychains and more are all available. To see the entire collection head on over to the Vintage Paperback Classics Books collection on Zazzle.

This new collection features an assortment of gift and decor items meant to mimc the look of these old paperback book covers, but with the added bonus that you can customize the text on these faux book covers to create the perfect gift for authors and book lovers or custom items for decorating your own reading nook or bookstore. And in keeping with those vintage books there are 10 different colors to choose from.

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