Find Some Joy on Spoonflower
Jan 10, 2024

I’ve just added a small, but colorful new collection to my Spoonflower shop, that’s perfect for bringing some joy to your home or your next sewing project. It features my crisp and clean retro patterns in bright, bold colors of red, pink, lime green, kelly green, and orange against a plain white background.

You might recall seeing some of these prints on wrapping paper and other products in my Zazzle store. In fact, it was someone who had seen one of those wrapping paper designs and wondered if it could be made available on some Spoonflower wallpaper who was my inspiration for creating this fun new collection.

Finally, my coordinating vertical stripes pattern is perfect for designing your own mixing and matching style with alternating thick and thin stripes against a white background in this candy colored palette.

You can check out my Joyful Candy Colored Collection in my Spoonflower shop. Here’s wishing you a bright and happy day that’s filled with joy! Thanks for stopping by!

This small collection consists of a few different prints and a couple of different size variations. First up my Joyful Bright Retro Geometric Print features thin vertical stripes accented with circle shapes in a matching color with alternating circle stripes of red, lime green, pink, kelly green, and orange. It has a fun retro vibe. You can find this design in its original large scale version or in a smaller scale version.

My coordinating Joyful Mod Squares pattern has a checkerboard of rounded square shapes with off-center white middles for a cool geometric design that has a retro modern feel. This pattern is also available in both a large scale and small scale version.

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