Get a Taste of My New Strawberry Story Collection
Oct 16, 2023

Hello, friends! Today I have a sweet and tasty treat for you. I’ve been hard at work on a new coordinated design collection for my Delfuneum brand, and I’m excited to finally be able to share it with you!

The Strawberry Story collection features coordinating illustrations and patterns in a pretty and bold color palette. Carnation pink, mauve, rich crimson red, maroon, sage green, olive green and white feature in this assortment of coordinating patterns that’s available on Spoonflower, Zazzle and Amazon.

I enjoyed creating all the different illustrations for this collection. First on the menu are my ripe red strawberries. I was inspired by one of my favorite summer fruits. During the summer months you can pick your own strawberries at the farm down the road from where I live. When creating my different strawberry illustrations I tried to make them as realistic as possible.

So, like those berries that grow down the road these fruity graphics look almost good enough to eat. Rich crimson colored strawberries have maroon and sage green colored accents with dark sage and olive colored leaves. You’ll find these strawberries paired with carnation pink backgrounds and soft pink gingham backgrounds.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the final set of illustrations I created for this collection also comes from the natural world. In this case beautiful pink carnation flowers. My carnations are depicted in a realistic, modern style. These blooms with their frilly petals are in shades of pink, mauve and maroon and set on sage green stems.

These clipped buds are depicted tumbling through the air on an assortment of products. You’ll find pink carnations against a rich crimson background as well as a plain white background. This modern floral print is pretty enough on its own, but makes a bold statement when paired with my polka dot plant leaves or ripe red strawberries patterns with their matching color palettes. Don’t want to go so bold and crazy with your pattern pairing? I’ve also created a series of coordinating prints for this collection.

,For my next illustration I took my interest from something even closer to my desk, the pink polka dot plan that sits on the shelf next to where I do all my work. Mom bought me this houseplant as a gift when she visited over the summer. If you’re not familiar with these delightful little plants they have green leaves adorned with pink speckles or polka dots.

Full disclosure, I had a pink polka dot plant in my bedroom when I was much younger. I named her Eleanor. The only problem was I failed to keep poor Eleanor alive. Hopefully, I do a better job with her replacement! Just in case, I decided to preserve this little plant’s beauty with my simple illustrations of a her delicate speckled leaves. You’ll find my pink polka dot leaves graphic set against a dark olive green background and an olive green gingham background.

Chief among these coordinating prints are my faux gingham patterns. My painted stripes are arranged in a grid to mimic the look of a classic gingham plaid. You’ll find a sage green on white gingham, a soft pink on white gingham, a classic red and white picnic tablecloth plaid gingham and a dark olive on sage green gingham. These plaids coordinate perfectly with the other prints in my Strawberry Story collection, or work on their own for creating a fresh look that is reminiscent of a laid back summer’s day.

Rounding out the coordinates are little polka dot prints, a faux crazy quilt pattern and a green and pink geometric pattern. All have a coordinating color palette to pair with any of the other prints in this collection. So have fun doing your own mixing and matching.

You’ll find these patterns and graphics on a variety of different products. On Spoonflower you’ll find fabric and wallpaper featuring these patterns along with an assortment of bedding and home decor products. The Strawberry Story Collection on Amazon has throw pillows, tote bags, phone cases, graphic tees and sweatshirts. Finally in the Strawberry Story collection on Zazzle you’ll find an assortment of home decor items, personalized gifts, apparel and accessories.

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