Happy 4th of July, It’s Time for a Spoonflower Recap
Jul 4, 2024

Happy 4th of July! It’s early so the fireworks have not yet started, and the grills have not yet been fired up, but voting opened today on a new Spoonflower design challenge, and the winners of the Hide and Seek Wallpaper challenge were announced.

A big congratulations to Mira Paradies whose design Happy Village Hide and Seek Fairytale was the top finisher. It’s such a fun and colorful design. Check it out:

Today the voting opened for the Winter Holidays Patchwork design challenge, and admittedly the 4th of July when it’s 80-something degrees here is a strange time to be thinking about winter, but I guess that’s one way to stay cool. So, I tried to get into the Christmas spirit as I scrolled through the entries to cast my votes. I went through 13 pages worth of entries–more than there were for the Hide and Seek Wallpaper challenge, but still a lot less than some of the other recent challenges. The overwhelming majority of the entries were Christmas themed, but there were a few other holidays represented as well.

The challenge specifically called for patchwork designs and designers handled that in a few different ways. Some simply created a collage of winter holiday graphics in squares or other shapes, some gave their designs elements of traditional patchwork motifs or interspersed some calico style prints and some created a full cheater quilt design.

Speaking of cheaters, my design was definitely not a full patchwork quilt print, more faux quilted appliques in the shape of some brightly colored Christmas trees. Probably not the most Christmasy of colors, but I’ve always been fond of Christmas decor that isn’t too heavy on the red and green. So, other than the fake stitchwork designs on my trees, I don’t think this is really very patchworky:

Best of luck to everyone who entered the Winter Holidays Patchwork design challenge. I saw a lot of awesome designs!

As of this writing, there has been no announcement about the themes for the next Spoonflower challenge. So, fingers crossed it’s a good one!

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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