Hats Off to the Graduates
Feb 13, 2022

Well, this year’s graduating classes have certainly been through a lot–remote learning, socially distanced classrooms, masks, staffing shortages and just that general feeling of being overwhelmed that we’ve all experienced living through a pandemic. So, it’s especially important to celebrate the achievements of anyone graduating from school this year.

Thankfully my latest collection for Zazzle is perfect for celebrating the academic achievements of graduates. It includes my hand drawn style illustration of a graduation cap and gown and includes designs featuring a traditional black cap and gown like the one on this personalized keychain as well as a white version. But things are not always black and white, and that’s true for many of these designs, which can easily be customized with your own background color. Simply choose the option to edit or customize further and on the side panel select your preferred background color, which is perfect for adding your own school colors.

Customization is the name of the game with Zazzle. Most of the designs in this collection are ready to be personalized with your school name and graduation year. So, while these designs are perfect for celebrating the class of 2022 they will also be available to celebrate the achievements of future graduating classes as well.

You can shop the entire Black and White Graduation Cap collection here. It includes greeting cards, graduation announcements, party supplies, personalized graduation gifts and the perfect gift wrap for wrapping up those presents for grads.

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