Hide and Seek Wallpaper and Cottagecore Halloween Winners: Spoonflower Challenge Recap
Jun 20, 2024

It’s time once again for a Spoonflower design challenge recap. Today Spoonflower announced the winners of the Cottagecore Halloween challenge and voting opened for the Hide and Seek Wallpaper challenge. Congratulations to all the Cottagecore Halloween top finishers there were some really cute designs, and a big congratulations to Heather Dutton who took the first place design with this adorable design:

This week’s challenge proved to be a bit more, well, challenging. I know I debated for awhile about what to actually create for this challenge. I scrolled through just 9 pages worth of entries to cast my votes, which is the least I’ve seen in a long time, so I suspect a lot of designers were a bit stumped by this one. The challenge was to create wallpaper that was also a bit of a puzzle with hidden images to find or some other sort of game aspect to it.

A few years back I did a hidden picture game design for another Spoonflower challenge. I believe an activity baby blanket design. I did have a lot of fun creating that design. I think I’ve never sold that design on Spoonflower and had maybe a couple of sales of the design elsewhere. So, that’s the second aspect of this challenge, creating a hide and seek design that someone might actually buy.

With that in mind I created a design that’s not really a true hidden picture puzzle but has some slightly hidden cats in a coordinating geometric design:

As I went through and cast my votes this morning, it was interesting to see the different ways folks interpreted the Hide and Seek challenge. I saw a lot of fun different takes on the idea like true hidden picture puzzles, slightly hidden critters, letter learning games and even mazes and word puzzles. So good work all of you creative artists who took on this challenge and aced it! I look forward to seeing who comes out on top when the results are announced in a couple of weeks.

Next up, it’s time to work on those Winter Holiday Patchwork designs. As we’re in the midst of a heatwave here right now, it’s the perfect time to cool off by thinking about winter!

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