I’m on a Roll
Nov 9, 2022

Let the games begin! My latest Zazzle collection will appeal to anyone who really loves role-playing games like dungeons and dragons or fantasy board games. That’s because this collection features my colorful illustrations of different multi-sided dice.

Sure, dice with six sides are cool, but what’s even cooler are dice with cool shapes like pyramid-shaped 4-sided dice or hexagonal or octagonal or whatever you would call the shape of 12-sided and 20-sided dice. I had a fun time creating colorful illustrations of these dice in orange, yellow, red, green and purple, and I had a fun time adding these graphics to an assortment of Zazzle products so that you can create your own personalized gaming themed gifts and other custom products.

If you’re hoping that Santa will gift you some new games this Christmas, then might I suggest a personalized gaming themed Christmas stocking. It features illustrations of different d20, d12 and d4 dice in festive red and green along with some holly leaf accents. This holiday decor will help guarantee that Santa Claus gets the hint about what you would like to find in your stocking and under the tree this Christmas.

And if you are tasked with playing Santa and buying gifts for someone who is obsessed with board games, might I suggest checking out my RPG, Fantasy Dice Collection on Zazzle for some personalized gear to go along with the different board games you’ll be wrapping up this holiday season.

There’s plenty to pick from in this collection with personalized lunchboxes, shotglasses, mugs, graphic tees and much, much more. All products feature my colorful dice graphics and your own custom text. Add the name of your favorite gamer or create custom apparel and accessories showing off your dnd club or team name.

If puns and dad jokes are how you roll, then you’ll love designs featuring my dice with the slogan THIS IS HOW I ROLL in bold lettering above, like this funny RPG-themed graphic tee, that’s perfect for wearing to your next game night, or anytime you want to let the world know how cool you are.

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