Introducing Some Festive Foxes
Jun 28, 2022

So, as my calendar reliably informs me it’s still June, and Christmas is nearly six months away, but here I am with another post showing off some festive holiday designs. My apologies to all of you who are not too keen on getting a super early start on your Christmas shopping. Just bookmark this post, and come back later when you’re feeling a little more festive. On the other hand, if you’re one of those people who loves Christmas so much, you wish it could be a year round phenomenon, well great news, this post is full of holiday cheer and some cute foxes to help you spread it.

The Festive Foxes Collection is my newest Zazzle collection and this 2022 holiday set features cute illustrations of cartoon foxes all dressed up for Christmas. It includes a fox wearing a Christmas wreath around his neck, another fox wearing a Santa hat, a fox carrying a stocking in his mouth and another very carefully holding a Christmas ornament in his mouth. And like all of my Zazzle collections it’s full of an assortment of products perfect for the holiday season like this fox Christmas t-shirt that can be customized with your own saying or text.

Shirts are perfect for spreading holiday cheer when you’re on the go, or for kicking the mirth up a notch at the holiday office party, but if it’s your home that you’re hoping to fill with Christmas cheer, then you’ll find lots of home decor items featuring these festive foxes like customizable fox Christmas throw pillows or personalized fox Christmas stockings.

This is just a small sample of what you will find in the Festive Foxes collection, I invite you to explore it all either now or closer to Christmas to see all the cards, gift wrapping supplies, patterned fabric and more to make your holiday a little more festive and a lot more foxy.

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