It’s Motocross Tailgating Season
May 1, 2023

I created a new collection on Zazzle, and it’s just in time for motocross season! So, this collection is pretty specific to motocross racers. If you don’t spend your weekends racing dirtbikes, then you probably will have no interest in any of these designs, but if you are a motocross competitor or know someone who is, then you might be interested in these customizable products that would be perfect for tailigating at your next race.

So, I have to give credit where credit is due. It was my boyfriend who came up with the idea for this collection. In his younger years Ron was a motocross rider and spent many a weekend at motocross race tracks. He said something that would be pretty cool would be paper plates that motocross racers could personalize with their bike number and name.

All of these products feature a blank dirtbike number plate graphic in white that’s ready to be personalized with your bike number in black and in smaller lettering above you can add your name. Checkered flag accents give these products a race day feel, but best of all they’re available in five different colors to coordinate with your bike. Choose from Yamaha Blue, Kawasaki Green, Suzuki Yellow, KTM Orange and Honda Red.

So, before you start those engines check out these custom products on Zazzle. To see the full assortment of products head over to my Motocross Race Tailgating Collection today.

I said, well I could create that easily enough on Zazzle, but why stop at paper plates? So, after designing personalized motocross paper plates, I went on to create a whole assortment of products that would be perfect for tailgating at motocross events. Including custom vinyl motocross banners and personalized foam beer sleeves.

There’s actually way, way more products with everything you need to throw an epic tailgate bash, fun personalized gifts for the motocross competitor in your life even some cushy personalized stadium seats for the loyal spectators cheering on their favorite riders in the stands. Heck, if you really want to knock their socks off you’ll find a personalized motocross tailgating table, and speaking of socks you’ll find personalized motocross socks as well.

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