It’s Time for a Super Duper T-Shirt Sale
Nov 24, 2022

If your email inbox looks anything like mine, then you’ve probably been bombarded with Black Friday Sale messages. It can feel a bit overwhelming. I don’t aim to further overwhelm you, but I wanted to let you know about this big huge awesome sale going on in my Threadless Artist Shop. That’s because from now through Cyber Monday every single regular t-shirt in Alissa’s Artist Shop is on sale for just $12.50! That’s an awesome deal.

To help whet your appetite, so to speak I wanted to show off some of my latest and greatest t-shirt creations for you to feast your eyes on, before you gorge yourself on Thanksgiving yummies.

Continuing the food theme, The Upended Fruit Bowl graphic tee is a bit less screamy in nature. It depicts a classic still life painting that’s gone awry as a bowl filled with yummy fruit takes a wayward tumble. Illustrations of fruit in tasty, modern colors are sure to make your mouth water.

Next up on the menu The Raccoon Ranger graphic tee is serving up plenty of cuteness as he rides into town on his toy horse. Yee-haw!

You can check out these tees and many more in my Threadless Artist shop where they’re just $12.50 for a very limited time, or check out these designs on mugs, beach towels, and much more because right now EVERYTHING in my Artist Shop is on sale.

To start things off we’re going to do some dessert first because, hey, why not? My new I Scream, You Scream graphic tee is for all the ice cream lovers out there. Also it helps if you love snakes almost as much as you love ice cream. That’s because I Scream, You Scream depicts a vanilla colored albino snake coiled atop a soft serve style ice cream cone. This is one sweet treat that bites back! This is one snake who looks almost good enough to eat, or on the other hand this is one soft ice cream cone you might want to give a wide berth to.

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