Latest Editor’s Picks from my Zazzle Stores
Oct 19, 2022

I’m honored once again to share some items from my Zazzle stores that were recently chosen as Editor’s Picks by the team at Zazzle. I have four items to share with you today. Two come from my Delfuneum Zazzle store and two from my Asterisk Designs Zazzle store.

Space is Wild Throw Pillow

With billionaires busy building and launching their rockets into outer space, there’s a new sort of space race afoot. Even if you’re not a billionaire you can take your own trip into the cosmos with designs from my Space is Wild collection like this Space is Wild Throw Pillow that features my vision of a kinder and cuter great unknown with retro style illustrations of a polar bear, a tiger, a gorilla and a red fox all sporting old fashioned style glass dome space helmets along side some illustrations of stars in black. You’ll find this out of this world throw pillow plus other Space is Wild designs in my Delfuneum Zazzle store.

Retro Bugs Necktie

Something else you’ll find in my Delfuneum store is my Retro Bugs patterned necktie. It features simple and bright illustrations of an assortment of insects including a grasshopper, a dragonfly, a cicada, a moth and some beetles all set against a light blue background. Even those who are afraid of bugs will appreciate the bright and non-icky graphics. It’s bright colors and science theme make it a perfect choice for biology teachers or anyone who finds the animalĀ  kingdom and some of its smaller members fascinating. So, if what bugs you is boring fashion accessories add some color to your outfit with this fun patterned tie.

Plug Life T-Shirt

I have to admit that I’m still driving around in one of those gas-powered vehicles, but electric cars are looking more and more attractive, especially every time I need to refuel! Those commercials I keep seeing for the electric Chevy Blazer that’s coming out soon are pretty enticing, I must say. (Also I might just have that Fleetwood Mac song stuck in my head forever, but such is life.) For those of you that are already living the plug life, have I got the shirt for you. My new Plug Life graphic tee was chosen as a Zazzle Editor’s Pick. Woo hoo! This cute shirt design features my cartoon illustration of an electric car plugged into a charger. I’ll have to sell an awful lot of them to be able to afford a Chevy Blazer EV, but hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? If you are already living the life of my dreams and driving an electric car or if you know someone who is excited to be driving a zero emissions vehicle, then check out this tee and other designs from my electric car collection on Zazzle. It’s full of personalized electric car designs as well as other plug life products.

Frog and Mushrooms Personalized Post-It Notes

Finally the latest Editor’s Pick I have to share with you is this adorable personalized Post-It Notes pad from my cottagecore collection on Zazzle. This custom office supply features an illustration of a cute frog perched atop a mushroom or toadstool with a pretty orange and yellow flower beside it. Your custom text appears in brown script or cursive writing against a light blue background. It makes a perfect small gift for coworkers and employees.

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