Let’s Do Lunch!
Aug 2, 2023

All good things must come to an end, and that includes summer. I’ll admit I’m glad to be done with school, and I don’t envy the kids who will soon be heading back to the classroom, but one thing I do miss about back to school season as an adult is the back to school shopping. It was so much fun to pick out new school supplies. One advantage that today’s youth has over this old lady, is the sheer number of choices available to them.

One of my favorite products on Zazzle are the metal lunchboxes they offer. When I was in first grade I adored my metal lunchbox featuring graphics from the Annie movie. While Annie lunchboxes might not be available there are a LOT of different styles for kids (of any age!) to pick from. So, I wanted to share a few of my favorite lunchboxes from my Zazzle store.

For those who like slithery, scaly things, my ball python snake lunchbox will show the other kids you’re one tough dude, and you can add a name to it so there’s no chance for confusion:


Equally tough and with a touch of a creepy crawly vibe my spiderweb goth lunchbox is perfect for showing the other kids at the lunch table that you have a dark side:

If you like to play with your food, or just like to play this toy building bricks lunchbox which is ready to be personalized with your initials will show off your fun and playful side:

If you’ve been accused of living in a fantasy world, well then perhaps a magical lunchbox is more your style. This cool unicorn lunchbox is ready to be personalized with your name:

Maybe you would prefer to keep things real with an actual existing animal on your lunchbox. In which case might I suggest this personalized zebra lunchbox:

Whatever you’re passionate about, chances are there’s a lunchbox on Zazzle that matches your style. To see all the different lunchboxes I have available in my Zazzle store click here.

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