Let’s Go to the Skate Park
Jul 23, 2022

What’s your preferred form of transportation? If you answered skateboard, then you’re in luck. Because my newest Zazzle collection is all about skateboarding. I’ll be honest skateboarding is a skill I never mastered. I think back in my Etsy days I sold a vintage skateboard or two in my shop, and I did make an attempt to test out the boards in the hallway of my house. That short trip was more than enough for me!

The Skate Park Collection features silhouette style illustrations of an assortment of skateboarders or skaters, if you prefer. It also has a retro color palette with graphics in a dark red, rust orange, mustard yellow, turquoise blue and green, for a colorful but vintage feel.

On the other hand, maybe you’re just looking to throw a skateboarding themed party. Well, great news there’s also an assortment of party supplies available including invitations, paper plates, a skateboarding themed banner and more. Whether it’s a birthday party for kids at the skate park or a birthday party for a grown up skater who will enjoy reliving their glory days, you’ll find everything you need to throw a totally gnarly bash.

Maybe you just want to have a laugh at your own obsession with skating. Well, great news, there’s a shirt for that. This funny IS MY BOARD OK?  t-shirt is perfect for skaters who don’t take themselves too seriously.

You can view all the different items available in my new Skate Park Collection in the Asterisk Designs Zazzle shop.

Many of the designs feature a faux woodgrain background like the one on this skateboarders keychain or on the skateboard above that has the look of a classic wooden skateboard and adds to the vintage style–it does remind me a bit of some retro wood paneling. It pairs perfectly with this retro color palette.

So, if you’re looking to show off your passion for skateboarding or on the hunt for the perfect gift for your favorite skater, this collection is the perfect place to start. It’s chock full of different skateboarding themed personalized gifts.

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