Like Moths to a Flame, I Can’t Stop Adding New Designs to Zazzle
May 20, 2022

If you’ve spent any amount of time reading the posts on this website, then you’ve probably already figured out that I love Zazzle, and really enjoy designing products to sell in my Zazzle store. So, it’s time once again to share a new collection of designs I’ve created for Zazzle. My Folk Art Moths collection features playful illustrations of these pretty insects in a rainbow of earthy hues.

What will you find in this new collection? There’s an assortment of products featuring my moths surface pattern designs with these colorful winged creatures set against a rich, brown background. It’s available on some different home decor items like this moths table runner as well as wrapping paper and apparel items.

Inspired by the natural world around me, and the moths I see outside my window when I’m burning the midnight oil, this collection is perfect for anyone who loves nature with its insect graphics and its earthy color scheme. The fun, playful folk art graphics make these natural beauties even prettier. So, I invite you to stop by my Zazzle store today and check out all the items available in the Folk Art Moths Collection, and, of course, to have some fun putting your own custom touches on this fun assortment of gifts, home decor items, party supplies and more.

Do you know someone who loves moths and butterflies? Or are you just looking for personalized gifts with a pretty style? This collection includes some fun personalized items featuring my moths graphics like this two-sided personalized moths coffee mug or the personalized moth graphic tote bag at the top of this post. They’re sure to appreciate gifts with their name or other custom text on them.

Of course, you don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself to something special. You work hard, after all, and you deserve nice things like this sage green custom Post-It Notes pad.

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