Make it a Spooky Birthday with my New Zazzle Collection
Jan 24, 2024

There are a LOT of birthday party supplies out there that are full of bright colors and pretty patterns. In fact, I’ve designed a few myself, but if you’re celebrating someone who prefers the goth aesthetic these flowery designs aren’t going to cut the mustard. So, how do you show them you care without making them throw up from an excess of cuteness? Well, my new Zazzle collection just might be the key to throwing the perfect spooky style birthday party.

My designs feature creepy skull graphics, but it also has an unmistakeable birthday theme since these skulls are shaped like party balloons. Antique ivory colored illustrations and lettering are set against a black background for a look that’s got great gothic energy.

Even the moodiest goths want to be loved. Show them how much you care with an assortment of personalized party supplies, invitations, greeting cards and more. They all featuring my spooky skull balloon graphics. Add your own custom message to create personalized items perfect for showering the most broodingest goth with affection. They might gag a little at all the sweetness, but in their dark heart of hearts they’re sure to appreciate the effort.

So skip the brightly colored birthday supplies and go full goth. You can find all these designs in my new new Skull Balloons Goth Birthday Collection on Zazzle.

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