Meet Some Bowling Dinosaurs
Dec 19, 2022

How long has the game of bowling been around? A pretty long time! According to Wikpedia bowling dates at least as far back as 5200 B.C. with depictions of the pastime found on some ancient Egyptian graves. But, hey, for all we know bowling is even older than that. Maybe the dinosaurs were into it. That’s the premise behind my latest Zazzle collection.

Okay, I know the chances that dinosaurs were avid bowlers is pretty slim. They kind of had their hands (claws?) full trying to eat or not be eaten and dodging comets and whatnot, but I still had a fun time drawing some cartoon dinosaurs, dressing them in bowling shirts and outfitting them with bowling balls. Then adding these bowling dinos to a host of items in my Zazzle store.

A fun way to celebrate bowlers of any age is with a personalized gifts and my new Zazzle collection has plenty of gift designs featuring my bowling dinosaurs including these new personalized Camelbak water bottles that Zazzle just started offering. It’s perfect for staying hydrated at the bowling alley. Of course, there’s lots more personalized gift options in my new collection.

So to meet these cute prehistoric bowlers check out the Bowling Dinosaurs collection today on Zazzle and start creating your own personalized gifts, funny t-shirts for bowlers and bowling themed party supplies.

It’s where you’ll find personalized apparel items like bowling themed truckers caps and graphic tees that are perfect for the bowler in your life.

It’s also where you’ll find everything you need to throw the perfect bowling alley birthday party starting with these easy to customize bowling birthday party invitations. You’ll also find an assortment of personalized party supplies like paper plates, napkins, cups, a banner and more. So whether it’s a bumper bowling event or a celebration honoring a bowler who is just about old enough to be considered a dinosaur themselves, you’ll want to check out this fun new collection and bowl them over with a party for the ages!

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