Meet Some Hungry Plants
Jan 9, 2023

It’s that time once again to share a new Zazzle collection with you, and this one has a non-traditional botanical theme. My new carnivorous plants collection features some plants with an appetite for something a little meatier than water and Miracle Gro. That’s because it features my illustrations of some plants known for their love of devouring insects.

In my new collection you’ll find products featuring my realistic style illustrations of nepenthes plants also known as pitcher plants as well as my venus fly traps graphics. Both plants are depicted in terra cotta flower pots making them a perfect choice for plant collectors and houseplant enthusiasts who prefer to grow their own nepenthes or venus fly traps at home.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves insect-eating plants, and the last thing they need is another plant, then why not celebrate them with a personalized gift like this personalized nepenthes coffee mug or perhaps a throw pillow like this venus fly trap throw pillow that coordinates perfectly with their houseplants. You’ll also find other personalized gifts, tees, even a necktie adorned with hungry plants and flies that just might become the plants’ next meals.

You can check out all these fun products and more in the Carnivorous Plants Collection now available in my Zazzle store.

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