My New Zazzle Collection Has Some Strings Attached
Mar 20, 2023

Why does my new Zazzle collection have some strings attached, you ask. Well, because it’s a marionette puppets themed collection featuring my cute cartoon style illustrations of an assortment of animal marionette puppets with strings attached to them.

You’ll find an assortment of cute animal puppets like the dog on this marionette puppet graphic tee that’s ready to be customized with your own clever slogan or personalized message. So, it’s perfect for creating a custom t-shirt for your favorite puppeteer.

This collection contains an assortment of personalized gifts featuring my marionette puppet cartoons. Create a personalized puppeteering themed gift when you add a name to this puppet coffee mug with illustrations of a dog puppet, a goat puppet, an elephant puppet, a bird puppet and a cat puppet. And don’t forget a personalized puppet card to go along with your gift.

Having a puppet show themed party or special event? Don’t miss a fun assortment of party supplies featuring these cute puppet graphics.

You can find all of these products in The Marionette Puppets Collection in my Asterisk Designs Zazzle store.

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