My New Zazzle Collection is the GOAT
Dec 26, 2023

I’m pretty excited about my new Zazzle collection, and I mean no disrespect to my other Zazzle collections, but I have to say I think this one is the GOAT! And in case you’re not down with the latest lingo, I mean Greatest Of All Time.

Of course, the real reason I think this collection is the GOAT, is because it’s all about goats, and I’m too much of a nerd to resist a bit of wordplay. This collection features my modern painted and paint splattered style goat face illustration. In shades of orange, mint green, teal and purple, this goat definitely has a fun artsy style. It’s perfect for letting your goat loving friends and family know that you think they’re the GOAT. And you’ll find my painted illustrations on a variety of fun gifts and party supplies.

For the goat-loving fashionista, my patterned goat leggings are sure to be a hit. Best of all they coordinate with goat themed wrapping paper, tissue paper and fabric, that’s also available in this fun collection. So grab some gifts or party supplies that are sure to make the goat fans in your life declare you the GOAT!

You can browse all of these goat themed products in my Watercolor Goat Party and More collection today.

Throwing the Greatest Party of All Time is a breeze with customizable goat-themed party invitations and personalized party supplies. Add your own custom slogan to wow your guests and your guest of honor. My painted style goat illustration is perfect for partyers of all ages. This illustration is kid-friendly without being too cutesy or babyish, but the artsy graphics are definitely cool enough for throwing a goat themed party for adults as well.

And if your guest of honor is all about goats, you’ll want to gift them their own personalized goat gear. There’s lots to choose from like a personalized goat mug, a personalized goat tote bag and a personalized goat beach towel.

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