New Fabric and Wallpaper Designs Now Available on Spoonflower
Feb 10, 2023

Last week the groundhog said we were supposed to get six more weeks of winter, but today the sun is shining and it feels like spring can’t be too far off. So, in that spirit I wanted to share a whole new crop of designs now available in my Spoonflower shop on fabric, wallpaper and home decor items. Take a look at these fun and colorful designs:

Soft and Fluffy Bunnies

When the weather warms up here we usually see a rabbit or two hopping around the backyard, and in this year of the rabbit, I have a fun new pattern available on fabric, wallpaper and home decor items featuring soft and fluffy looking bunnies in a cream or ecru color against a light blue background dotted with polka dots. These playful bunnies are perfect for crafting gifts and nursery decor for baby boys or for creating Easter themed crafts. Check out my bunny rabbit fabric and wallpaper design on Spoonflower!

Authors Are All Write

This fun pattern combines a few of my passions. First off there’s my love of writing, second there’s my love of vintage treasures and finally there’s my love of bright and bold colors. Put them all together and you get my Authors Are All Write (okay, I guess another of my passions is creating corny puns) surface pattern design, which features illustrations of different vintage typewriters in bright blue, lime green, coral, magenta and pink with cream, gold and gray accents set against a dark navy blue background. This typewriter patterned fabric and wallpaper is perfect for decorating your writing nook, crafting gifts for writer friends or showing off your own love for books and the writing life.

Ink or Swim

Take a voyage on the sea with this nautical print. Inspired by vintage sailor tattoos this pattern features illustrations of ships, fish, assorted sea creatures and nautical accents in dark navy blue set against a cream or ivory white background. This cute nautical print is perfect for decorating your seaside cottage or beach house, and for those of you who definitely don’t have your own beach house, well you can always craft your own ocean-inspired projects with this nautical patterned fabric.

Different Dieffenbachia

If you’re on the hunt for something a little more colorful, well let me draw your attention to this botanical print. Sure ordinarily dieffenbachia leaves comes in only shades of green, but these are different dieffenbachia for sure. This non-directional pattern of hand-drawn leaves is in bright and bold colors with illustrations of leaves in pink, reddish orange, yellow, blue, black and even green. This bold and colorful botanical print fabric and wallpaper has a bit of a modern tropical look that’s perfect for brightening up your space or adding some color to your next sewing project. As an extra bonus, it’s title is something of a tongue twister! Say it three times fast, I dare you!

I’ll Stencil You In

Bold color is also on display in my new I’ll Stencil You In pattern, though not nearly as many of them. This two-toned design features this year’s Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta paired with a softer blush pink in a fun checkerboard pattern decorated with folk-art-inspired motifs featuring lots of heart shapes. Add some love to your room or your next sewing project with this country style Valentine’s Day fabric or wallpaper and its red and pink retro geometric design.

And speaking of love, I hope you love these new surface pattern designs as much as I do! Here’s hoping the groundhog’s predictions were wrong and spring is right around the corner!

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