New Fall Tees Have Dropped at Threadless
Aug 24, 2022

If the Spirit Halloween banner drapped across the front of our vacant Five Below store is any indication, then fall is definitely right around the corner. I’m excited to announce that some new fall graphic tee designs are now available in Alissa’s Artist Shop on Threadless. Here’s a roundup of my new designs:


First up, we have a somewhat spooky and somewhat psychedelic graphic tee. This mesmerizing design has a totally trippy look with a green monster eye graphic, set amidst swirling purple stripes.  It’s perfect for warding off evil or maybe just hypnotizing anyone you meet. Inspired by 1960s style this groovy design has a distressed effect to give it a bit of a vintage look, making it perfect for adding some retro to your day. Shop Eye See You today on Threadless.


For those who love the retro life, my new gargoyle graphic tee is a perfect fit. This fun t-shirt features an illustration of a stone gargoyle listening to some music on a vintage yellow Walkman. Press rewind and kick things old school with this monster who loves grooving with his favorite cassette tapes. So, keep the monsters at bay (except for the gargoyles, of course) with my Old School Tunes graphic tee.


If you prefer your Halloween gear to be a bit more on the cute side, then this kitty cat might just be a purrfect choice. This t-shirt features a cute cottagecore themed illustration of a smoky gray cat, wearing an oversized lime green witch’s hat and surrounded by some green and red mushrooms. There’s no tricks, just an adorable treat with this Halloween design. Shop my It’s a Witch, No Kitten graphic tee today on Threadless.


If you think that cute and Halloween is the perfect recipe, then you’ll want to give my Zombie Corn graphic tee a taste. It features a cute cartoon illustration of a piece of orange, yellow and white candy corn with some zombie style facial features. This sweet candy-themed Halloween t-shirt is a treat for anyone who loves this fall holiday and all the sugary snacks that go along with it. Keep it cute this Halloween with this candy corn graphic tee.


Speaking of cute, this content tuxedo cat is bursting with cuteness and love. In fact, this fat little black and white cat is so full of love that it shows. He has a furry black heart shape on his chest. It’s kind of like wearing your heart on your sleeve, I suppose, only he’s a cat so he doesn’t have any sleeves. This adorable graphic tee features a large wordless graphic of a happy and chubby kitty. It’s perfect for wearing while you snuggle up with your favorite feline on a cool fall day and enjoy your favorite pumpkin spice flavored brew.

Speaking of cold days, did you know that my graphic tee designs are also available on long sleeve tees, hoodies and sweatshirts? You can find my Purrfect Love t-shirt on Threadless and use the dropdown menu to select from different product types.


If fall is your favorite season, then you might just find yourself feeling lighter than air as the season changes, kind of like the flying pig on my When Pigs Fly graphic tee. This cute pink pig has some butterfly wings that let him soar through a sky filled with fluffy white clouds. Embrace your inner sense of whimsy with this cute pig graphic t-shirt today.


Speaking of butterflies and whimsy, my new tee design The Butterfly Effect is a perfect reminder that even robots have a sense of whimsy. This graphic tee features a retro style illustration of a vintage robot in shades of blue and coral and its pretty butterfly friend. Technology and biology meet in this STEM themed design, that’s perfect for heading back to school in style. Embrace your inner science nerd with this cute robot t-shirt available now in my Threadless Artist Shop.

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