New Patterns are Popping Off at Spoonflower
Sep 23, 2023

I’ve been pretty busy creating lots of new surface pattern designs for my Spoonflower shop, and I’m excited to share the fruits of my labor with you. This big batch of new designs features some geometric prints, some botanical patterns and for those who prefer things a little more out there there’s even flying saucers and lake monsters. So, without further ado here’s a look at some prints available on Spoonflower. You’ll find these designs on fabric, wallpaper and an assortment of home decor products in the Delfuneum Spoonflower shop.

Hexagon Hodgepodge

First up my Hexagon Hodgepodge pattern is a doodle style geometric print. It features a collage of hexagon shapes, each with different hand-drawn doodle patterns on it. I had fun doodling striped and plaid patterns, polka dots, confetti dashes and botanical designs on each of these hexagon shapes. This design is in a rich reddish orange color and a soft cream or ecru shade and it’s perfect for adding some bold color to your walls or your next sewing project.

Bright and Bold Buttercup Family of Flowers

One thing I loved about creating this floral pattern was learning just how varied the buttercup family tree is. When I think of buttercups I think of those pretty little yellow flowers that decorate our lawn in the early summer, but it turns out the buttercup family of flowers contains a pretty varied assortment of blooms. Known officially as the Ranunculaceae family, it contains more that 2,000 different species of plants. I only drew a small fraction of them for this fun print which features my doodle style illustrations of these flowers in an assortment of colors. Of course there’s buttercup yellow, but also pink, red, blue, green and black set against a white background. You can find my Bright and Bold Buttercups pattern on fabric, home decor and wallpaper in my Delfuneum Spoonflower shop. Fun fact: the delphinium plant (which my Delfuneum brand name is a play on) is a member of the buttercup family of flowers.

Semi-Circular Logic

My Semi-Circular Logic pattern is available in three different color variations. This hand-drawn geometric print features checkerboard squares and hand-drawn half circle shapes (or semi-circles, if you prefer) that have the look of vinyl records. In this geometric pattern I was fusing vintage mid-century modern design with modern style for a cool retro modern look. Semi-Circular Logic in Navy features bold navy blue, light blue, mauve, mustard gold, pink and ivory colors. Semi-Circular Logic in Bisque is a more neutral take on this print and features shades of warm cream, tan, gray and light pink for a calm and soothing feel. Finally Semi-Circular Logic in Blush features shades of blush pink, maroon, mauve and carnation pink.

Not Your Average Knot

My Not Your Average Knot pattern is available in four different color variations. This simple geometric print features my hand drawn fancy knot illustration in a simple non-directional interlocking pattern which is perfect for home decor accents. Not Your Average Knot in Burgundy and Coral features coral colored knots against a bold burgundy or maroon colored background. Not Your Average Knot in Dusty Purple features eggshell white colored knots set against a smoky or dusty purple colored background. Not Your Average Knot in Lem Lem Green has knots of a pretty, soft spring green set against an eggshell white colored background. Finally Not Your Average Knot in Louis Blue has knots in a pretty shade of French blue set against a soft cream colored background.

Cloudy with a Chance of Flying Saucers

With all the talk this summer of UFOs and aliens, it seemed appropriate to create a design that celebrates visitors from other worlds. My Cloudy with a Chance of Flying Saucers pattern features my retro style illustrations of flying saucers set against a scalloped sort of background depicting clouds in shades of off-white and blue for a design that’s both classic and kitschy at the same time. So get your head out of the clouds and head over to my Spoonflower shop to check out this science fiction style print today.

Sweet Releaf

Coming back down to earth my Sweet Releaf botanical pattern is my hand-drawn take on a classic ogee pattern. This pattern is composed of simple leaf shapes in varying shades of green from light mint green, to gray green, shades of sage, spring green and even a deep forest green. These ogee shaped leaves are set against an off-white background with a hint of green to it for a design that has an overall soft and soothing feel much like the plants it depicts.

Geometric Pie Patterns

My pie patterns are a smallscale geometric pattern that’s available in five different color variations on fabric, wallpaper and home decor items. This print features simple hand drawn triangle shapes and a has a bit of a retro, old school digital style. Raspberry Pie features triangle shapes in shades of pink, mauve and maroon against a pale pink background. Blueberry Pie has triangles in varying shades of blue from a sky blue to shades of royal blue to deep navy blue set against a pale blue background. Cream Pie keeps things simple with triangle shapes in cream or ivory against a black background. Pumpkin Pie has triangle shapes in light orange, deep orange and orangish brown set against a pale peach background. Finally Rainbow Pie has all the colors of the rainbow with triangle shapes in red, orange, yellow, green and blue set against a purple background.

Miami Ice

Take a trip back to the 1980s with my Miami Ice geometric pattern. I had a fun time thinking about my eighties childhood while creating this design. It features an assortment of geometric shapes painted in brush strokes of bright pink and butter yellow set against a bright aqua blue background. Need to craft a Hawaiian shirt to wear while cruising around in your Lamborghini? This pattern is your friend! Or just add some retro style to your space with this eye-catching print in a bright Miami color scheme.

Kayakers and Lake Monsters

The final new pattern I have to share with you is my Kayakers and Lake Monsters print. At first glance it might look like a calm day out on the lake, but kayaks aren’t the only thing making ripples on this lake. The kayakers are joined by some friendly lake monsters. These cute cartoon cryptids just might be cousins of Nessie the famous Loch Ness Monster. I had a lot of fun creating these cartoon illustrations of both kayakers and their lake monster friends. These simple illustrations are in shades of sage green, soft pink, dark green, orange and rust and set against a gentle cream colored background. This funny print is perfect for crafting gifts for your favorite kayaker.

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