New Surface Pattern Designs Available at Spoonflower
Oct 14, 2022

The sun is shining, the leaves in the backyard are putting on their showy autumn performance, and I have some surface pattern designs now available in my Spoonflower store. I’m excited to share with you a new animal print, a new floral print and a print that’s a little of both and, if I do say so myself, out of this world.

Goose Evening

Around here it’s about that time for all the migratory birds to head south for the winter, and my new Goose Evening pattern design features a flock of cute geese in eggshell white and yellow flying against a dark purple gray (or darkroom purple) night sky background. This fun interlocking style pattern has a bit of a mesmerizing look to it that looks great on a number of home decor products, wallpaper and, of course, fabric. This design was inspired by one of my favorite artists, M. C. Escher whose optical illustion designs and interlocking patterns have always fascinated me. My cute geese give a bit of a modern cartoon look to Escher’s classic style.

Victorian Floral Sampler

A few nights of frost here, mean many of the garden blooms are fading away, but with my Victorian Floral Sampler surface pattern design you can keep the colors of summer going year round. Inspired by Victorian embroidery samplers and vintage book ornamentation this collage style surface pattern design features an assortment of flowers in shades of purple, magenta, orange, yellow, green, aqua, red and teal blue. The flower graphics are set in square and rectangular frames and against a cream or ivory white colored background. These colorful blooms can be found on fabric, wallpaper and all sorts of home decor items in my Spoonflower shop.

The Plants Have Eyes

If you like your botanical designs to be a little bit less traditional and a bit more science fiction, then be sure to check out my The Plants Have Eyes surface pattern design. I had fun creating this truly wild design that features some alien plants that I dreamed up including some mushrooms with eyes on some twisted vine stalks. This print also includes some seed pods sprouting tentacles and other sci-fi garden specialties. This bright and colorful print features freaky plants in shades of coral, pink, blue and green against a patterned mint green background. You can add a bit of strangeness to sewing projects and your space with patterned fabric, wallpaper and home decor items.

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