New Surface Pattern Designs Available in my Spoonflower Store
May 19, 2023

I’ve been pretty busy adding some new designs to my Spoonflower shop. There’s something for everyone including some art deco style sandhill cranes along with some dragons, some crows with some fancy tassels, some fish with some fancy tessalation, some plain and simple floral scallops and some pretty birthday candles. Here’s a look at the new designs available now on fabric, wallpaper and more:

Art Deco Style Sandhill Cranes (and also some dragons)

I’ve been enjoying watching the spring birds out my office window. While I do occasionally see some herons traveling to and from a nearby pond, I don’t see any cranes, but I still had fun creating some crane artwork for this Art Deco style print that features flying sandhill cranes in shades of gray and red as seen from above set against a lighter gray background. This art deco crane pattern is perfect for bird lovers, but if you know someone who loves dragons as well as birds, then you want to check out my Mostly Cranes, Some Dragons pattern variation that features some dragons in flight hidden among this flock of birds.

Something to Crow About

I do see a fair amount of crows out my office window, in fact it seems on a regular basis a crow has run afoul of a smaller songbird, and a chase ensues with a little bird chasing off the big mean crow. But the crows in my Something to Crow About pattern are pretty calm and content as they show off their fancy tassels. Proud crows are depicted holding tassels in red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple and are set against a beige and tan tassel patterned background for a fun and colorful print that’s sure to appeal to fans of these big black birds.

Pink Fish, Yellow Fish

I was inspired by the artwork of M. C. Escher and by a childhood stuffed animal I had to create this tessellation style pattern featuring a school of fish. Showy little fish in pale pink and butter yellow (the same colors as that stuffed animal fish I had all those years ago) are set against a slate blue background in this simple pattern. The soft colors of this simple repeat pattern lend it a calming underwater feel. You can find my tessellated Pink Fish, Yellow Fish on fabric, wallpaper and home decor items in my Spoonflower shop.

Small Scale Floral Scallop

My floral scallop print fabric is also a simple regular repeat. It features clean and simple flower illustrations in a scallop shape. These colorful flowers were inspired by spring blooms. Flowers in pink, yellow, light blue and terra cotta orange have dark green leaves and are set against a soft cream colored background. It has a bit of an Art Deco style and the smaller scale of this print makes the fabric an ideal choice for smaller sewing projects.

How Old Are You Now? Birthday Candles Pattern

Finally my How Old Are You Now? pattern design is perfect for all the party animals out there. This bold modern print is perfect for girls’ birthday celebrations. Simple illustrations of striped and polka dot birthday candles in shades of orange, purple, pink and cream are set against a light pink background for a fun and festive look with a girly color scheme. Available in an assortment of fabrics and home decor items this modern pattern is perfect for celebrating birthday girls of any age in style.

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