New Website, Who Dis?
Feb 6, 2022

Well, you’ve stumbled upon my new website. Congratulations! My apologies for the appearance, I’ve just moved into this new space, and am still busy unpacking and getting settled in. So, things might look a bit wonky around here for a bit.

For some time now, I’ve been maintaining a page devoted to my art on my author website. While that was fine at first, as my art output and offerings have grown I was starting to feel a bit hemmed in over there. Plus it was starting to get confusing. Was that website about books and writing or was it about my visual art creations? It was time for the fledgling that was my art and design business to spread its wings and leave the nest.

The result is this website,, which is devoted entirely to my illustrations and surface patterns as opposed to which is devoted to my more literary creative endeavors. Like I said, I did maintain that art page for awhile so it’s going to take a little while to get things shifted over to these new digs, but I’m excited to finally have an internet place of my own to showcase all of my creations.

The good news, is I’m working diligently to get this space spruced up and ready for visitors. So, hopefully in the next week or so everything will be fully up and running. In the meantime thanks for stopping by, and here’s hoping we can visit for a bit longer next time!

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