Now Available at Hot Topic
Aug 27, 2022

In my younger days, I remember hitting up the Hot Topic at my local mall. It was the perfect place to find clothes that matched my sometimes funky punk rock aesthetic. I had a pair of midnight blue pleather pants from Hot Topic that I loved and an Alice in Wonderland wallet that was probably the coolest wallet I ever owned. So, I’m pretty psyched that I now have a t-shirt design available at Hot Topic.

This Kawaii Chippy T-Shirt features my illustration of a cute chipmunk’s face in shades of brown and tan with two oversized white teeth–the better for munching on acorns and other nuts. This large chipmunk face graphic has a distressed style to give it a vintage look. So, if you’re a fan of adorable rodents looking for some new clothes to sink your teeth into, head over to today.


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