Oh Whale, It’s Time to Share a New Zazzle Collection
Apr 26, 2022

Whale, the secret’s out, I love a killer pun! Thankfully, my new collection from Zazzle featuring illustrations of orcas or killer whales gives me plenty of material. And if you love these beautiful and majestic creatures, you’ll appreciate all the cool products I have available.

This collection features simple black and white illustrations of swimming orcas both on their own and displayed against a teal blue ocean waves patterned background, like the one you can see on this orca whale lamp.

You can really celebrate in killer style with a whole host of orca themed party supplies that are ready to be personalized with your own text, like these orca whale paper plates that are perfect for parties with an aquatic theme. The realistic style graphics and teal blue, black and white color scheme lend themselves to celebrations for any age and any gender. As long as they love whales, they’re sure to love these custom party supplies.

This is just a small sample of the orca designs I have available in my Zazzle shop.  You can swim on over and browse the whole killer collection in the Asterisk Designs Zazzle store. Whale, that’s all the puns I have for you today, but maybe you’d like to try your hand at your own and create a custom graphic tee or greeting card to show off your handiwork!

As always with Zazzle there’s lots of customization options to choose from. Want your own custom souvenir t-shirt? This orca graphic tee is ready to be personalized with the name of your favorite beach or make a special t-shirt for family reunions and other special events when you customize the text with your own message.

Buying a gift for a marine biologist or someone who loves whales? There’s a whole bunch of personalized options including a personalized whale mug, personalized whale playing cards and personalized whale travel cups.

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