Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Jul 5, 2022

Somewhere in the family archives is a truly awful picture of yours truly that my sister snapped of me during a family rowboat excursion when we were kids. This was during a brief period of time when we lived in a home that was on a lake. The photo was taken as I was mid-row and struggling to pull the oars through the water, and let’s just say there’s a reason I won’t be sharing that image with you today. Or ever. Instead I’ll share with you some photos from my new rowboat-themed Zazzle collection because summer seems like the perfect time for rowboat excursions. Sure kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards get a lot more attention these days as far as human-propelled watercraft go, but there’s something special about an old fashioned rowboat. Maybe it’s their boxy shape or their roomy interior, but they are one of the most peaceful and tranquil ways to explore a pond or lake.

Whether it’s a “The Lake Is Calling And I Must Row” graphic tee to wear the next time they go paddling or a decorative wood sign that’s perfect for sprucing up their lake house decor those who love to spend their days rowing, will love this design and agree with the message.

You’ll find all these designs and more in my new The Lake is Calling Rowboat Collection on Zazzle. So grab your oars and row on over to check out the different items available. Oh, and if you’re smart you definitely won’t let anyone snap a photo of you while you’re in the midst of rowing your boat!

This Zazzle collection features my own simple rowboat graphic depicted in both navy blue and white and set against some rippling, but otherwise calm water. This collection features items that are ready for customization like this patch which can be personalized with the name of your favorite lake to create a custom souvenir or with the name of a rowboat enthusiast to create a personalized gift for them to use the next time they head out in their own boat.

But wait, there’s more. This collection also features my fun THE LAKE IS CALLING AND I MUST ROW design which is perfect for anyone who can’t help but heed the siren call of calm water and their favorite rowboat. With distressed style typography, it’s a perfect choice for outdoorsy types who like their water calm and their summer afternoons pleasantly lazy.

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