Say Yes to Dominoes
Mar 27, 2023

I have something fun for you this week, that’s because my new Zazzle collection is perfect for folks who love playing games, well specifically the game of dominoes. Whether you’re all about building elaborate dominoes courses just to watch them all fall down, or you’re a more tradtional player of the game of dominoes, or bones, if you prefer, then you’ll definitely want to have a look at this fun new collection.

All the items in this new Zazzle collection feature my simple hand-drawn domino illustrations. Doodle style graphics depict white dominoes with black dots and markings on them for a bold and modern look that’s sure to appeal to the domino fan in your life. The white domino tiles are paired with a green background on an assortment of products.

Personalized gifts like this dominoes tote bag with a name on it make a great gift for your own uncle, dad, friend or other dominoes playing enthusiast. There’s plenty of room for adding your own name or other text above the illustrations of white and black dominoes.

Did you know that dominoes have been around for a REALLY long time? That’s something I found out when I was researching dominoes for creating the artwork for these custom domino products. The game has been around since the 12th or 13th century and originated in China. The original dominoes were actually the same as playing cards though later evolved into their own unique playing pieces. It wasn’t until the 18th century that the game first appeared in Europe, first in Italy then spreading to other European nations. Pretty cool. So, you might want to drop some domino knowledge when giving some personalized domino gifts. You can find these products and many more in my Dominoes Collection on Zazzle.

Or you can exercise your creativity when you add a fun slogan or other custom text to this dominoes graphic tee. They’ll love wearing it the next time they sit down to play a game of dominoes. If you’re feeling extra creative pick up some dominoes patterned fabric and sew up your own handcrafted gift.

No matter the ocasion celebrate domino players in style. There’s invitations, cards and custom party supplies that are perfect for domino-themed special events.

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