Show Off Your Ink and Take a Swim with my New Zazzle Collection
Dec 10, 2022

Ahoy there, mateys! I have a new collection available in my Delfuneum Zazzle Shop, and I wanted to let you know more about it. My Ink or Swim collection was inspired by vintage sailor tattoos. This collection features my cute hand-drawn illustrations of fish and marine life as was as different nautical graphics. These illustrations are in a dark indigo blue like the deep ocean and like vintage ink.

These fishy and nautical illustrations can be found in patterned products like this old sailor tattoos wrapping paper and as collage style graphics decorating an assortment of home decor and gift items.

There’s nothing fishy about these designs – well unless you’re talking about the shark, octopus, swordfish and other ocean denizens. Many styles like this nautical tote bag even have a spot for you to add a name or other text to create the perfect personalized gift for bringing to the beach or your own beach house.

If you’re looking to add a nautical touch to parties, gifts or your own oceanside home and love all things vintage, then head on over to Zazzle and take a tour through my Ink or Swim collection.

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