Some New Editors Picks to Share
Nov 11, 2022

It’s a rainy and somewhat gloomy Friday to finish out the work week here, but the bright spot in the week for me was having some new items chosen from my Zazzle stores as Editor’s Picks. So, I wanted to share these new selections with you.

Some Foxy Christmas Wrapping Paper

Are you one of those super-prepared people that’s already finishing their Christmas shopping? Perhaps you’re one of those people who refuses to start shopping for the holidays until after Thanksgiving. I have to admit that I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ve picked up a few things already, but I have a long way to go before I’m done with my Christmas shopping. Well, no matter what camp you’re in, we’re all going to need some wrapping paper to wrap up those gifts, and if you need some cute holiday gift wrap might I suggest my festive foxes Christmas wrapping paper. It’s an Editor’s Pick and the perfect choice for adding some cuteness to your gifts this year.

Love At First Sip

Need something for your one true love that isn’t too cutesy or lovey dovey, but still expresses your true feelings? My personalized true love punk rock coffee mug is edgy but also sweet. Two fists are tattooed with the message TRUE LOVE and there’s a spot to add your names below. With its minimalist black and white color scheme it’s perfect for all the punk rockers and tattoo lovers out there who can’t handle pretty flowers and hearts.

This Mouse Pad Doesn’t Stink

Then again if flowers and cuteness is their thing, my personalized skunk and flowers mousepad might be right up their alley. That’s because it has an all over pattern of cute skunks with pretty art deco style flowers against a teal colored background. Skunks might have a smelly reputation, but they’re still pretty cool animals, maybe even a little bit punk rock. They look perfect on this pretty patterned computer accessory. Thankfully, it’s not a scratch and sniff design!

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