Some New Zazzle Editor’s Picks
Jul 1, 2023

It’s time once again to share a few of my designs that were recently chosen as Editor’s Picks by the Zazzle team. I’m always excited when I learn that one of my products has been designated an Editors Pick. I feel a bit like a rock star, or perhaps just the big kahuna. Read on to see the most recent Editors Picks selections.

1. Big Kahuna Tall Can Sleeve

Standard size foam can sleeves (similar to a Koozie) have been available on Zazzle for years, but this year they introduced a new taller, skinnier sleeve to fit those tall skinny cans of seltzer and energy drinks and such, and one of my designs on these new style of can sleeves was recently chosen as an editors pick, my Big Kahuna Can Sleeve. It’s perfect for bosses, dads, grandpas and anyone who can rightfully call themselves the big kahuna. It features a brown tiki mask style graphic with green tropical leaves against a golden yellow background with the slogan “The Big Kahuna” at the top. So, your favorite big kahuna can drink his favorite seltzer like a boss and keep his hands dry while doing so!

2. Joe Biden Birthday Card

Speaking of big kahunas, another recent Editors Pick features my illustration America’s own big kahuna, I’m talking, of course, about our current leader and chief, Joe Biden. This customizable birthday card is perfect for supporters of the president. It features my hand drawn illustration of Joe Biden sporting his classic aviator shades, but with a patriotic stars and stripes twist. The hand-drawn graphic has a distressed style for a vintage look. Let your favorite patriot know that they’re no average joe with this fun greeting card. Cast your vote for fun unique cards with Zazzle where you really can find the perfect card for anyone on your list as my Joe Biden birthday card certainly proves.

3. 18th Birthday Personalized Sticker

Speaking of voting, if you know any members of Gen Z who are soon going to be old enough to vote, then this editors pick is for them. These personalized 18th birthday party stickers feature a photo of shiny silver helium number balloons, a one and an eight, set against a pink and gray confetti background. The text on the white banner below the balloons can be personalized with your own special message. You can find coordinating party supplies as well as designs for celebrating other ages as well in my Helium Balloons Collection on Zazzle. So, head on over and get started planning your epic celebration today!

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