Spoonflower Design Challenge Recap: Forest Biome and Court Sports
Feb 1, 2024

Well, the time really does fly. It’s hard to believe it’s already been two weeks since my last Spoonflower design challenge recap. This week we learned the winners of the Court Sports design challenge and voting opened for the Forest Biome design challenge.

Rebelform was the winner of the Court Sports design challenge with Shuttlecock Spring, a beautiful and striking pattern of shuttlecocks (or birdies, if you prefer) set against a green background and accented with pretty floral motifs in pink and blue. Very nice work! Congratulations to Rebelform and to all the top 100 who did an awesome job.

I saw a lot of nice work in the Forest Biome design challenge which opened today. I scrolled through 20 pages worth of entries to cast my votes. So, there were a lot of entries.

This challenge was inspired by Spoonflower’s recent Forest Stewardship Council certification, and designers were tasked with creating designs that depicted forests and the various flora and fauna that call these ecosystems home. Designs were previewed on a roll of wallpaper.

Mushrooms are a design trend on Spoonflower and the world at large that don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. So, I expected and found a lot of mushroom themed patterns in this design challenge. Of course as expected there were lots of trees and leaves. Woodland animals also had a pretty good showing, with foxes perhaps the most popular of these critters. Overall, it was a nice assortment of patterns and I’m always blown away by the artistry and creativity of Spoonflower designers.

My entry:


I had three different directions I was considering for this challenge, and eventually settled on these trees with simple, sleek tree trunks topped with multicolored circular “leaves” in shades of green and orange. I think these trees have a bit of a mod vibe. Although I settled on the colors of the tree trunks and leaves pretty quickly, I really debated the background color eventually picking a light tan color with a slightly dark tan woodgrain design. I think the woodgrain complements the trees, in that trees are wood, but at the same time I’m not sure if the woodgrain style and the tree style go so well together. So, basically, I was happy with my trees, but am not fully satisfied with the background. Oh well.

Next up, is Leap Year Frogs so that should be a fun pattern to create. I can’t wait to draw some frogs for this challenge.

By the way, over the past week I’ve been experiencing difficulty logging into Spoonflower. This only seems to happen in Firefox, but sometimes it takes me several tries to actually log in. Some weird glitch happening, apparently. I suspect I’m not alone. So, I wonder if this might also affect folks trying to vote in the design challenge, and also more importantly for us Spoonflower sellers, if it will stop some customers from placing orders. Well, fingers crossed that the issues are fixed quickly!

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