Spoonflower Design Challenge Recap: Leap Year Frogs and Forest Biome
Feb 15, 2024

It’s time once again for a another Spoonflower recap. Today the winners were announced for the Forest Biome design challenge and voting opened for the Leap Year Frogs Design challenge.

Congratulations to MisoDArt who was the first place winner of the Forest Biome challenge with their beautiful Apen Trees in the Night pattern featuring beautiful tree illustrations in blues, gold and white:

Congratulations to MisoDArt on their first place finish, and congratulations to all the top finishers in the Forest Biome design challenge. There were really a nice assortment of designs in this challenge which did an excellent job of capturing the beauty of forests around the world.

With 2024 being a leap year, Spoonflower decided to pick a leaping animal as the subject for this week’s design challenge, which was Leap Year Frogs. Specific subject matter themes are some of my favorite Spoonflower challenges because I like seeing how different designers approach the topic from their own unique styles and perspectives.

As I sat down to think about this design challenge, I had four different ideas for directions to go in, and so the biggest challenge for me was to pick which of those ideas to run with. Ultimately the idea calling to me the most was some graceful ballerina frogs so, that’s what I decided to go with:

It will never cease to amaze me, when I come up with an idea for a design that I feel is pretty original and specific, only to go through the challenge entries to find that others had the same idea. There were 19 pages of entries to go through to cast my votes this week. So, there were a lot of entries, but I was one of at least three designers who decided to create a design featuring ballerina frogs. Wild! Oh, and I know for a fact that this was not a case of copycats. For starters the three of us who went the ballet route, had completely different looking designs, and also I only uploaded my design late on Monday afternoon, which really wouldn’t have given anyone much time to make a copycat design. I guess there is something about frogs and their long, skinny legs that just makes them perfect ballerinas.

Though there may have been three entries featuring ballerina frogs, there was just one featuring pastry chef frogs so that definitely was an original take! Of course there were lots of wonderful takes on this challenge with realistic style frogs, wonderfully retro frogs, cartoon frogs and frogs of every color imaginable. Lots of these frogs paired perfectly with floral and botanical motifs that made for some really pretty patterns. Great work, everyone, on creating such wonderful frog-themed designs.

Voting opens in two weeks for the next Spoonflower design challenge: Warm Minimalism. So, if you haven’t already started thinking about creating a design that fits that theme you might want to get started. After that we have another specific subject matter challenge to look forward to with A Trip to the Beach. So, have fun designing, everyone!

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