Spoonflower Design Challenge Recap: Leap Year Frogs and Warm Minimalism
Feb 29, 2024

It’s a chilly day here, so it’s a perfect time for talking about Spoonflower’s new Warm Minimalism design challenge, but first up the winners for the last challenge Leap Year Frogs were annouced. Congratulations to Studioxtine who was the first place finisher with her Frog Formation pattern. If you’ve spent any time looking at the Spoonflower design challenge results, then you’ll recognize the name Studioxtine who has been a top finisher in many challenges, it’s not hard to see why when you take a look at her beautiful frog formation pattern:

Congratulations to all the top finishers in this challenge. There were lots of fun frog patterns that finished in the top 100.

This week voting opened for Spoonflower’s new design challenge, Warm Minimalism. This one was a wallpaper challenge, meaning the designs were previewed on a wallpaper roll. This is not the first time Spoonflower has had a minimalism themed wallpaper challenge, which always breaks my brain a little bit, because when I think of minimalism, the last thing I think of is wallpaper. Minimalism tends to imply very plain painted walls in white or other very neutral shades. So, of course coming up with a design that works well as wallpaper but also is minimalist is a little tricky. Of course, the other caveat was that the color palette should be warm in nature.

ssDespite the somewhat tricky nature of this challenge, I reviewed 24 pages worth of designs to cast my votes, and let me tell you it was a challenge to make it through those 24 pages, though not because of the quality of those designs. This was more due to the quality of my internet connection. We had an excessive amount of wind last night and as a result today there have been some lingering power and internet connectivity issues, but I did manage to make my way through all 24 pages worth of designs.

Naturally there were a lot of simple and serene geometric designs, that seemed in keeping with the minimalist aesthetic and the color palettes were by and large simple but warm. I did find that a few of the entries were a little more busy/loud/colorful than I would have expected for a challenge labeled warm minimalism, but we all interpret things in our own ways.

For my entry I went with a hand drawn style geometric design that was pretty plain and simple:

My orange interlocking rectangles are set against a light tan background. So, they have a retro look and a warm color palette. Are they minimalist? Well, the argument could be made that these busy little rectangles all over the place aren’t really minimalist, but then again once you start straying away from a basic solid color or a lightly textured solid color then you’re really not truly minimalist, but if all the entries were a bunch of barely there patterns, that would be a little too boring.

Well, voting opens for the next challenge in two weeks. We’re getting back to another specific subject matter challenge with the theme of A Trip to the Beach.

Best of luck to all the Spoonflower challenge entrants!

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