Take a Look at This Tangled Pattern
Jun 14, 2022

Inspiration for my designs comes from a variety of sources, even the tangled mess of cables that can be found surrounding the desk in my office! My Tangled Up in Plaid design is now available on Spoonflower and is a more colorful and aesthetically pleasing version of the cord tangle that so many of us struggle with in our homes and workspace with wavy lines in shades of red, orange, yellow, lime green and blue intersecting with one another and set against a dark navy blue background.

Tangled Up in Plaid is not remotely a traditional plaid. It’s more like what a plaid pattern would like if you were trying to weave it while inebriated. This twisty turvy version of a plaid design has bright and bold colors arranged in a pleasing rainbow order to add a colorful burst to your room or your next sewing project.

Like other designs from the Delfuneum Spoonflower shop, Tangled Up in Plaid is available on an assortment of fabrics as well as home decor items like tablecloths and pillows. See all the products available in this geometric pattern on Spoonflower today.

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