Textured and Party Wallpaper: Spoonflower Design Challenge Recap
Apr 25, 2024

It’s time once again for a Spoonflower design challenge recap. This week the winners of the Textured and Tonal Wallpaper design challenge were announced and voting opened for the Party Wall Wallpaper design challenge. So first of all congratulations to first time winner Kimsa whose Geometric Grace design took first place in the Textured and Tonal wallpaper challenge, and congrats to all the top finishers in this challenge.

Where the last challenge was all about neutrals, the Party Wall challenge was all about bright colors. I went through 19 pages worth of entries to vote for designs in this challenge, and I have to say the bright colors made this a treat. There were so many great designs on display.

There were a lot of geometric and abstract designs in bright colors that are a perfect choice for wallpaper. I also saw a number of entries that took the party theme very literally and went with colorful balloons and other birthday party supplies, which work well as fabric, though I’m not so sure how well they work for wallpaper. There were lots of alcohol themed designs that would be perfect for anyone throwing a party in their home bar. I also noticed quite a few disco balls in this challenge, so that trend still seems to be going strong.

I went the geometric route with my Rockin Moroccan pattern, which is loosely based on Moroccan style motifs but in a rainbow assortment of hues. It coordinates with the color palette I used for other designs in my Palm Springs collection.

For the next challenge we get away from wallpaper and back to fabric. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for the Crustacean Core design challenge!

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