Textured and Tonal Wallpaper and Treat Yourself Winner: Spoonflower Design Challenge Recap
Apr 11, 2024

Somehow it’s time once again for a Spoonflower design challenge recap. These past two weeks have really flown by! This week voting opened on the Textured and Tonal Wallpaper design challenge, and the winners were announced for the Treat Yourself design challenge.

Congratulations to Heidi Abeline whose tasty Cake House pattern scored first place in the challenge, and kudos to all the other top finishers in this mouth-watering challenge.

This week’s challenge, Textured and Tonal wallpaper had a more abstract theme with a request for wallpaper designs that incorporated a textured look to the art in neutral tones. I think this is a great idea for wallpaper that is more practical. I’m not a huge wallpaper fan, but if I was putting in wallpaper, I would probably want something more understated.

That said, I was not a huge fan of this challenge. I made several attempts at creating a textured wallpaper design, and hated them all. The design I went with was the best of the bunch, but I have to admit I still don’t love it.

For me the trickiest part of this challenge was creating a textured design that also worked well as a seamless repeat, and didn’t come out looking too, well, repetitive. As for the entry I ended up going with, the navy blue background might push the boundaries of what is considered neutral.

When casting my votes for the other entries in this challenge, I’m happy to report that there were a lot of designers who did an excellent job of creating a seamless repeat pattern that worked well as wallpaper and also managed to fit well with the challenge parameters. So, nice work, everyone! This challenge had 18 pages of entries so a pretty good showing, over all.

Well, if these next two weeks are anything like the last two, then we’ll be finding out the winners of this challenge in no time. In the meantime, we have a couple of new challenges that have been announced to keep us busy. Next up is another wallpaper challenge, but unlike this last one Party Wall is all about bright colors. So, that should be fun! After noticing so many lobsters in the Treat Yourself challenge, I’m not surprised that Spoonflower has announced the Crustacean Core challenge which should be a fun specific subject matter challenge to design for. So, have fun creating your Party Wall and Crustacean Core entries. I look forward to seeing them!

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