There’s Lots of Lobsters in My Zazzle Shop
Mar 9, 2022

I suppose I’ve been in a nautical mood of late, and my latest Zazzle collection reflects that. The Living Lobsters Collection features my realistic style illustrations of lobsters both in full color and monochromatic styles decorating a wide assortment of products, like this tote bag:

Why living lobsters? Well, I’ve noticed unfortunately that a lot of the lobster designs that are available on Zazzle and elsewhere feature already cooked lobsters, and while I realize many people may enjoy eating this seafood delicacy, I’m one of those people who prefers animals that are still alive. So, I wanted to create some artwork that depicts these creatures before they’ve been boiled alive.

Whether you are someone who enjoys eating lobsters or if you’re more like me and prefer to observe animals living wild and free, I hope you’ll appreciate this assortment of designs that depict these crustaceans in a realistic, natural style with different nautical accents like the seaweed and coral on that tote bag above or like the wooden fishing buoys pictured on this custom lobster Christmas tag:

This collection has everything you need for lobster lovers including personalized gifts and all the supplies to wrap them, party supplies and lobster-themed home decor. Check out the Living Lobster Collection today.

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