This Collection Has Your Name All Over It
Mar 8, 2023

When, I was a kid many moons ago the name Alissa was simply unheard of. Even what is now the more common spelling “Alyssa” was some sort of bizarre and exotic name. This led to anyone from older generations simply not being able to pronounce it. It seems pretty straight forward to me, but I went through a good chunk of my life getting called Alicia, Alisha and Elise by a large number of adults. Thankfully Alyssa Milano became famous starring in a show called “Who’s the Boss” and that helped a little on the pronunciation front and definitely helped popularize the name. But when I was a kid and we went into a gift shop that had a rack of those personalized keychains or mugs or what-have-you there was no way I was going to find the name Alyssa on there, let alone Alissa.

This collection is available in three different color variations. Choose from the classic black and white design; a cool blue design with blue, teal, mint green and yellow lettering against a navy blue background or the fun retro rainbow color palette with your name in an assortment of rainbow colors against a cream colored background. Besides the different color variations you can choose from designs ideally suited to short names (up to 4 letters), medium length names (5 to 8 letters) or long names (9 0r more letters.) Choose the size best suited to your name so that the collage will look the best for your length of name.

You’ll find all the different products, color variations and name length variations in This Collection Has Your Name All Over It in my Zazzle Shop.

So, for anyone who has ever searched a gift shop keychain rack for your slightly obscure or creatively spelled (aren’t parents the best?) name only to find disappointment, I created a new Zazzle collection that features your chosen name front and center. Also sideways and upside down. That’s because this collection of personalized gifts and accessories are decorated with a collage of your entered name in an assortment of fun fonts. So no matter how weird or wonderful your name is, you now can have your very own personalized keychain. Plus there are personalized pillows, personalized aprons, personalized tote bags, personalized yoga mats and more. While it is probably fun (believe me, I wouldn’t know) to find your name on a gift shop keychain, it’s also kind of cool to have a unique name even if it can lead to some pronunciation confusion.

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