This is My Type of Zazzle Collection
Jan 11, 2023

So, my latest collection in my Delfuneum Zazzle store combines two of my passions: writing and vintage stuff. This collection features my illustrations of vintage typewriters in fun, bright colors. Magenta, pink, peach, yellow, lime green and aqua blue typewriters are set against a navy blue background. As someone whose other ventures have included running an online vintage store and writing novels, you could say that this collection is just my type!

And I believe my simple, hand-drawn typewriter illustrations will appeal to other authors or anyone who has a passion for these useful antiques. Sure, I write my novels on a computer these days, but I’m old enough that I learned to type on a typewriter. It took me years to learn not to double space after a period!

Besides fun home decor items and an assortment of clothing and accessories this collection also includes personalized party supplies and invitations that are perfect for throwing a book launch party or another literary themed gathering. Take your writing workshop or poetry reading event to the next level with retro modern typewriter party supplies featuring your custom text–in a typewriter style font, of course!

So, do some clicking and clacking and head on over to my Delfuneum Zazzle store to check out all the fun typewriter themed items available in my Authors Are All Write collection. I’m going to go put on my author hat for a bit and go do some work on that unfinished novel of mine!

My Authors Are All Write (see what I did there?) collection features an assortment of products featuring these illustrations and this typewriter surface pattern design. You’ll find perfect home decor accessories for decorating your own office or writing nook like this magenta typewriter throw pillow. Dream about your next novel idea or wake up inspired to get to work on your book with this typewriter patterned duvet cover.

Typewriter themed accessories let you show off your love of writing wherever you go. Scrolling mindlessly through Twitter on your phone when you should be typing away? Why not do so in style with this personalized typewriter phone case that features your name or other custom text in typewriter style lettering against a backdrop of colorful typewriters.

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